2015 год

Тренинг: Работа журналиста в период информационных войн

  • 23.11.2015

Организатором тренинга стал Международный центр журналистики MediaNet при финансовой поддержке Фонда им. Конрада Аденауэра в Казахстане. Целевой группой тренинга стали журналисты и редакторы казахстанских СМИ.


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System preparation of the regional journalists with application of modern practices in Kazakh and Russian languages

  • 18.08.2015

From May to October 2015 the International Center for Journalism MediaNet and Infocenter media school implemented an educational project for those who want to become a journalist or improve qualification.  

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The Sixth Annual Forum on Development of Internet Space in Central Asia “InternetCA-2015”

  • 15.05.2015

The Forum experts presented such widely discussed topics as compromise between the freedom of speech and national security issues, state priorities in the Internet development, specifics of the work of responding agency related to cyber incidents, analysis of secure Internet usage in the regions, using social networks to enroll female terrorists and etc.  

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