About MediaNet

MediaNet International Centre for Journalism

MediaNet International Centre for Journalism is a non-governmental organization founded by a group of Kazakhstan journalists in 2004.

Our mission is:

  • To support development of civil society in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries by strengthening potential and capacities of independent mass media
  • To support public organizations, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Our key objectives are:

  • To develop new generation of Kazakhstan journalists who are objective, socially active, professional and independent
  • To contribute to improvement of professional level of journalists
  • To integrate journalists of Kazakhstan, Central Asian countries and CIS
  • To develop and strengthen effective communications between mass media and society
  • To contribute to further development of civil society through reinforcement of cooperation with mass media

MediaNet ICJ actively cooperates with Kazakhstan and international organizations working on the development of journalism and implementation of journalists’ rights and freedoms. Since its foundation, MediaNet ICJ has realized more over than 120 different projects in the field of journalism.

The scope of the Center activities include:  

Journalism education. 

The main project is MediaSchool which provides regular journalism courses. Since the beginning of its operation in February 2005, over 800 students have finished the School. In addition, MediaNet conducts different seminars and trainings for those working in the media field. Among the topics of workshops and trainings are data visualization, multimedia journalism, investigative journalism, environmental journalism, TV journalism, military journalism, journalism ethics, blogging, financial journalism, principles of ethics in mass media, gender problems, photo journalism and etc.


Among books and guides published by MediaNet ICS are: “Practical Journalism in Kazakhstan” textbook, authored by 18 experienced journalists, lawyers and PR specialists. In 2008 the book was updated and republished in Russian and Kazakh, with circulation of 5 000 copies. Moreover, in 2007 the Center issued “Parliamentary Journalism in Kazakhstan” guidebook. The following materials were also published by MediaNet: Media Law” textbook (for universities); “Cooperation between NGO, Media and Government Agencies”; “Environmental Journalism” manual; “Investigative Journalism” and etc.

Cooperation between non-governmental organizations and mass media 

From 2005 to 2009, MediaNet ICJ implemented its large-scale project aimed at strengthening cooperation between NGOs and mass media. During this period the Center conducted “NGOs as the source of information for Media” in 20 cities of Kazakhstan. In 2005 the Center published the book “NGO Guide Kazakhstan” which contained information about more than 640 active non-governmental organizations working throughout the country. The book was successfully re-published in 2006. In 2009, under the same project, the Center issued a practical guide titled “NGOs, Media and Government Bodies: Keys to Effective Cooperation”.Law education

MediaNet ICJ has implemented several projects with the aim to provide legal defense of Kazakhstan journalists and mass media. In 4 universities of Kazakhstan well-experienced lawyers held a special course on media and labor law for the students of journalism faculties. In 2007 journalists from 10 Kazakhstan media outlets (Kazakh and Russian speaking) took part in the project “Legal consultation for journalists”, within which the lawyers specialized in media sphere developed and conducted special trainings to improve journalists’ understanding of their rights and  responsibilities. In 2007 MediaNet launched the project “Voice of Freedom Central Asia” Together with its partner public foundation “Voice of Freedom” (Kyrgyzstan) the Center has operated a human right web portal “Voice of Freedom” – www.vof.kg.

From 2009 to 2012, the Center and other NGOs were jointly realizing the project “Monitoring of the Kazakhstan implementation of the National Human Rights Action Plan 2009-2012.

At the present moment, the Center is implementing the second project “Increasing contribution of the civil society into development and implementation of the next National Human Rights Action Plan 2015-2020”.

For more detailed information about the MediaNet projects, please refer to Projects and Reports.