Practical Journalism in Kazakhstan 3.0

International Center for Journalism has issued a new textbook for journalists and launched the online course called “Practical Journalism in Kazakhstan 3.0”

International Center for Journalism MediaNet publishes the new textbook for journalists and launches the online course “Practical Journalism in Kazakhstan 3.0”. The project is supported by OSCE Programme Office in Astana and Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The feature of the “Practical Journalism 3.0” textbook is that it in parallel appears in a book size and online as an interactive online course called

The number of chapters and authors will constantly increase and information in a number of the existing chapters will be updated taking into account new data within the online course. Each user can complete a course and check the knowledge by tests and practical tasks. All chapters are duplicated in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

“Practical Journalism in Kazakhstan 3.0” is already the third version of the book published in 2006 and in 2008 and which has united practical experience and recommendations of the Kazakhstani and foreign media managers to their starting colleagues as well as skilled ones.

The first edition which has appeared with a circulation of 3000 copies contained articles of 18 authors, the second – 39 practicing journalistswith a circulation of 5000 copies. Many present professionals has studied for 11 years using these books.

The new edition has the articles of 17 experts professionals – journalists, editors, experts and lawyers.

In this book and online course we have paid much attention to the last media trends: factchecking and verification of data, multimedia work, data-journalism, social media marketing. The edition is addressed to rather wide range of readers, but first of all, it will be useful for teachers and students of journalism faculty, media experts, PR-specialists and everyone who works in the information sphere.