Educational resource on access to information is created in Kazakhstan

The multimedia online course on access to information suggests all interested people learning

about the opportunities to apply the law “About Access to Information”.

The project is aimed at culture development of granting and obtaining information,

understanding the rights and duties of owners and users of information.


The course is created by International Center for Journalism MediaNet with assistance of the Embassy

of the Kingdom of the Netherlands within the “Access to Information in Kazakhstan” project.

The main feature of the course is that it offers nonlinear approach to receive knowledge concerning access to information.

The course consists of 10 lessons which you can have in any order depending on preferences and the initial level of knowledge

about access to information. Each lesson is followed by practical and test tasks.

The course is designed for wide audience – public authorities, non-governmental organizations, initiative groups,

commercial structures, media, and individuals.

During the course you will learn:

• what information you can obtain, the categories of available and limited in access information;

• who can request and obtain information;

• who is obliged to open and provide information;

• the ways of distribution and obtaining information;

• what to do if the right for access to information is violated or limited;

• the ways and actions according to the appeal of illegal actions of officials;

• how to use the law “About Access to Information” to journalists.

In the “Appendices” section of the online course you can find ready templates for information requests

for various target groups; an action algorithm if production before court; standard references to the court

and prosecutor’s office in case of violation of your rights in providing information and other practically useful documents.


For information contact:

International Center for Journalism MediaNet

050040, Almaty, 15 B Timiryazev St., office 11

Phone: +7 / 727/292 20 46